LUXEMBOURG, LU, 19/10/2023 — Nordea Asset Management (NAM) is pleased to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Nordea 1 – Emerging Stars ex China Equity Fund (ISIN BP-USD: LU2528868008 / BI-USD: LU2528868263).

One year ago, Nordea inaugurated a new solution with the aim to help investors better control their exposure to the broader emerging markets. Nordea 1 – Emerging Stars ex China Equity Fund (the Fund) offers investors a diversified exposure to emerging markets outside of China, many of which are underappreciated by the market. China’s rapid growth over the past decade is causing traditional broad-based emerging markets indices to be overweighted towards China, which typically represents 25-40%. Hence, many investors increasingly seek to control that exposure, while still capturing the myriad opportunities in emerging markets. The new Fund addresses that growing need. The Fund is managed by the portfolio management team behind Nordea Emerging Stars Equity Strategy, launched in 2011 and the first product in NAM’s flagship ESG STARS family. Drawing on the longstanding expertise of Nordea’s Fundamental Equities Team, the managers deploy the same ESG framework as the other STARS funds in terms of exclusions, ESG risk management and active ownership. The PM duo has been successful in generating alpha with this approach, having achieved an excellent track record since its inception on the 27th of September 2022.*

“We believe that the key drivers for creating shareholder value are global structural changes that act as catalysts affecting the long-term earnings potential of companies. Half of the global population lives in EM ex-China, and these countries represent around 20% of global GDP. The mix of explosive population growth along with technological advancement make these markets ideal for investment.”

Pierre Henri Cloarec, co-Portfolio Manager of Nordea 1 – Emerging Stars ex China Equity Fund

Nordea 1 – Emerging Stars ex-China Equity Fund is managed by by Pierre-Henri Cloarec and Jakob Zierau, is a member of NAM’s ESG STARS range, launched more than a decade ago. NAM currently offers five Emerging STARS strategies representing around EUR 3.2 bin in assets under management (as of 30.3.2023) in both the equities and fixed income spaces.

*Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results and investors may not recover the full amount invested.